How to Care for and Clean an Air Purifier So that It Lasts

How to Care for and Clean an Air Purifier So that It Lasts

Indoor air cleanliness is a necessity to meet the needs of a healthy lifestyle. Using an Air Purifier as a smart air cleaning tool is a very helpful innovation. The Air Purifier will work by sucking in dirty air then filtering it using a filter and finally releasing it into clean air which is much healthier.

Using an Air Purifier every day will trap a lot of dust and other particles in the filter. Maintaining and cleaning the Air Purifier is a must so that the tool can be used for a long time. So, here is the ideal way to care for and clean the Air Purifier. Come on, see the following explanation.

Place the Air Purifier in a Safe Place
Placing the Air Purifier in a safe place is the first step in caring for the product. Try not to place the Air Purifier in a place where it is prone to falling or being hit. Users can place this tool on the side of the room or in a place that is protected from the risk of damage. Impacts can cause the product to become damaged more quickly, for example the frame breaks or the filter no longer functions properly.

The recommended place to place the Air Purifier is an open area with good air circulation, for example near a door or window. The more air flow, the more efficiently the Air Purifier will clean the air. However, don't leave the door or window open continuously because the cleaner could become overwhelmed at work.

Check the Filter Condition Periodically
Carrying out regular checks on the Air Purifier is important. An air purifier that continues to work will cause dirt such as dust to accumulate in the filter section. How to identify the cleanliness of an Air Purifier is quite easy. If you smell an unpleasant odor or see a pile of dust, then immediately clean the air purifier.

A dirty air purifier will not be able to work optimally in cleaning the air in the room. Particles such as dust or hair that accumulate on the air filter and are not cleaned immediately can also be a factor in damage to this tool. Ideally, the Air Purifier should be checked and cleaned at least once every 3 months.

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