FIVE UVC Sterilizer Tableware Box

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Product Highlight:

  • The flatware will be neatly placed in the case without scratching and abrasion for the plastic clip design
  • Safe to use, made of high grade stainless steel for durability, sturdy, rust resistance and anti corrosion
  • Portable Suit: Each flatware set includes 1 pair of chopsticks, 1 spoon and 1 UVC sterilizer case
  • Easy to carry that can be carry around somewhere, perfect for school, work lunch, camping, outdoor
  • Comes with a strong bactericidal effect that realizes 360°sterilization without dead ends


  • Product size:214.5mm*59.5mm* 34mm
  • Product name: FIVE Portable Flatware Set with UV Sterilization
  • Product model:YSXDH002SS
  • Rated input: 5V
  • Rated power: 1W
  • Sterilization factor: UVC-LED

What's in the box

  • Portable Sterilization box x1
  • Stainless Steel Spon x1
  • Stainless Steel Chopsticks x1
  • Power Cord x1
  • User Manual x1

Color: Pink