Black Shark Fun Cooler 2 Pro

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  • Ultra-fast cooling
  • Temperature display
  • RGB lighting
  • Universal compatibility

When the competition gets serious, stay cool under pressure with the world's most advanced smartphone cooling system.
- Instant cooling vpower
- Silent operation
- Compatible with Android and iOS 
- Universal smartphone compatibility

Ultra-Fast Cooling
Engineered with the most premium materials the Black Shark Funcooler Pro 2's large contact surface and whisper quiet 7 blade fan provide instantaneous cooling power. Our intelligent temperature control automatically manages fan speeds on-the-fly.

Temperature Display
The Black Shark Cooler features a live temperature display to better monitor your phone's temperature. The heat is taken out from multiple cooling vents. It can help reduce cell phone battery loss, and can also extend battery life.

The radiator Noise-Reduction design allows you to comfortably watch games and videos. Since the Ultra-quiet, it is also recommended at the time of the voice chat and live broadcast.

RGB Lighting
The RGB dazzling light is composed of 12 LED lights and 34 customizable patterns, colorful lighting effects are available in multiple colours, which increase game lighting effects and a full sense of ritual.

Whisper-Quiet RGB Fan
The internal high-performance fan is fast, but silent. Customize your look with various RGB colours and lighting effects.

Universal Compatibility
Swap the included sizing cushions to fit almost any smartphone, whether you're gaming on Android or iOS. It has retractable soft silicone back clip, it supports devices with a 67-88mm width, compatible with iPhone 13/12 series, Samsung, MOTO, etc.

Convenient App Control
Use the pro cooling app to manage fan speeds, customize lighting, set sleep timers, and more. Download the app on iOS or Android. Black Shark Funcooler 2 Pro will be connected to your phone with Bluetooth, and then you can adjust the functions through the "Shark Arsenal" app.

Aerospace-grade Semiconductor Refrigeration Materials
Phone cooler is based on the Peltier effect as the design prototype and the semiconductor refrigeration raw materials are selected layer by layer, super-fast cooling in 1 second, you can feel the temperature dropping, heat dissipation cooling effect only in a minute.

Easy Installation
1. Slide to open the connection clamp to maximum width.
2. Center the fan over the back of the device and secure close the clamps to secure in position.




  • Fan speed: 7200rpm
  • Fan blades: 7 blades
  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 4 centimetres


What's in the box

  • Black Shark Fun Cooler 2 Pro x1
  • User Manual x1


Color: Black