Black Shark Magnetic Cooler

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  • Ultra Magnet Design
  • Automatic magnetic alignment
  • Convenient Installation
  • Heat transfer magnetic sticker
  • Black Shark's fast cooling technology 

One machine for multi-purpose. It can also be used as a mobile phone holder, magnetic nails, decorative crafts, etc.

Brand New Magnetic Design - Easy to use
The magnetic design is incorporated into a smartphone cooling device attachment, making it super easy to put on and use. A super-strong magnetic ring composed of 15 NdFeB magnets keeps it on the device more solidly than other clip-on cooling attachments.

Immediate and continuous cooling
112 high-quality heat transfer fins, 7200 RPM high-speed fan, efficient heat transfer plate. Working together, these three elements can reduce smartphone temperatures by 23°C. Allowing the phone to release its full potential. 

Smaller, lighter, better looking
The new Magnetic Cooler is smaller and slimmer in size. Weighing in at only 73g, it helps to reduce the burden players put on their wrists. The outer ring was made with a metal anodic oxidation process to further improve the texture of the attachment.

Comes with a heat transfer magnetic sticker in the box compatible with different devices
In order to adapt to mobile phones and tablets that do not have a magnetic area, we have created a special heat transfer magnetic sticker. Simply stick the magnetic sticker onto the back of the device. Then, you can use the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler as normal. 

Instructions for placing the heat transfer magnetic sticker.
1. Use an alcohol cotton pad or paper towel to clean the area where the magnetic sticker will be attached.
2. Tear the No.1 film first and paste the protective film on the area that will hold the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler. Smooth out any bubbles in the film so that the protective film fits perfectly with the back of the phone. And then tear the No.2 film.
3. Tear off the base paper on the adhesive of the magnetic sticker and press the magnetic sticker to the protective film. Press and hold for 30 seconds, and then let it stand for 1 hour before use. 




  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 13.3 x 3.4cm
  • Weight: 78g

Compatible Devices

  • Magnetic Cooler
  • iPhone 12 series Compatibility: Fully supported
  • Magnetic Cooler + Heat transfer magnetic sticker
  • All devices compatibility: Supported

  • Note:
  • 1. Manual correction of the compass feature is required for some devices.
  • 2. Avoid NFC position when pasting magnetic sticker, otherwise the NFC function may be impacted.
  • Incompatible:
  • 1. The wireless charging function may not work with the magnetic sticker applied to the phone.
  • 2. The magnetic sticker will not be able to fully adhere to phones with non flat backs.

what's in the box

  • Black Shark Magnetic Cooler x1
  • Data Cable x1
Color: Black