Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier Elite

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Product Highlights :-
- 99.9% removal of airborne Influenza A (H1N1) viruses*
- Effective removal of dust and odours
- Removal of allergens
- Effectively eliminate odours
- Up to 125m²
- Three-in-one filtration
- Comprehensive monitoring of air quality
- Non-luminous and near silence
- Smart control
- UV-C LED inner line of defence, Prevent the occurrence of secondary contamination
- High-iodine activated carbon + plasma for powerful odour removal
- 99.98% elimination of 0.3μm particles* Three-in-one filtration for thorough purification

Product name: Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier Elite
Product model: Y-600
Product dimensions: Φ310 × 730mm
Product net weight: Approx. 6.5kg
particle CADR: 600m³/h

Product Overview :-