Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain Filter

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Mijia smart pet water dispenser filter set
Quadruple filtration | water purification and soft water | material safety
Quadruple deep filtration
The quadruple depth filter intercepts fine particles, hair, residual chlorine, calcium and magnesium ions and other impurities layer by layer, purifies and softens the water quality, improves the taste, and is more conducive to the health of the pet's urinary system.
It is recommended to replace it every 30 days to achieve a good filtering effect.


  • Product name: Mi Smart Pet Fountain Filter Set
  • Product model no: XWFE01MG-GL
  • Net weight: 18.5 g±2 g (single filter); 5.0 g±1.5 g (single water pump filter assembly); 5.0g+1.5 g (water pipe)


What's in the box

  • Single filter x2
  • Single water pump filter assembly x2
  • Water pipe x1